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Welcome to the FL-Islandora Institutional Repository Transformation (FLIIRT) Project Wiki

This wiki will be used to communicate information about the FLVC project to implement Institutional Repository functionality in FL-Islandora.

This is a public wiki, but there will be some links to work in progress that are only accessible to the project team.

About this Project

The FL-Islandora Institutional Repository Functionality Project is a collaborative effort between FLVC, FSU, FAU, Broward and FGCU, in close communication and potential collaboration with the members of the Islandora Open Source Software community's Institutional Repository Interest Group (IRIG). The overall goal of this project is to implement FL-Islandora IR functionality to meet the needs of the broadest range of FL-Islandora users. One of the objectives of this project is to integrate the ORCID registry API with FL-Islandora. A phase 2 of the project may be required to implement additional features.

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