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Under Construction

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q: How do I log into the FLVC IR test site?
  • Q: How will existing Theses and Dissertations and other materials loaded into Islandora using non-Scholar Content Models be integrated into an FL-Islandora IR?
    • Answer(s):Given that Islandora Citation and Thesis Content Models can have very specific functionality for linking with Person Entities/researchers it may be desirable to modify objects loaded under the PDF Content Model or Content Models other than Citation and Thesis in order to implement full desired IR functionality.
  • Q: How should collections be structured in an FL-Islandora IR site?
    • Answer(s): Especially for purposes of selectively harvesting different types of materials from your FL-Islandora site (e.g., DPLA does not want scholarly communications, whereas other discovery tools may only want IR materials) it would be best to keep IR materials and non-IR materials in separate collections.
  • Q: How should IR materials of cultural heritage interest be loaded into an FL-Islandora IR, e.g, single images and materials that do not fall into the category of Citation or Thesis?
    • Answer(s):These nuances will need to be worked out as we move forward with the project.
  • Q: Will I be able to integrate FL-Islandora IR functionality into my existing FL-Islandora site?
    • Answer(s): FSU's IR, currently based on the Islandora Scholar Solution Pack has done this. Note that FSU's IR is currently populated with objects loaded into the Citation and Thesis CModels which have customized displays.
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