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This page contains information about FL-Islandora IR development priorities and code changes.

Note: Please see the Homework assignments under each enumerated code change.


User Stories

  • I'm a professor who collects oral histories and I need these cultural heritage materials to be shown as part of the institutional repository, so that the full range of my scholarship is displayed.
  • I'm a professor of dance, and I need to get download and view counts for my recorded recitals, so that I can have comparable altmetrics about my scholarship to what professors with exclusively more traditional publication styles have.
  • I'm a repository administrator and I need ETDs (which do not have a faculty author) to link to the department that granted them, so that the full range of departmental scholarship can be shown.
  • I'm a thesis advisor, and I want to pull a list of all the theses that I've advised on.
  • I'm a repository administrator who has uploaded ETDs as the PDF content model and I need these to show download counts, similar to how these are shown on the Thesis content model under the "Full Description" tab, so that they can display similar to Thesis content model objects and have the same utility for users and authors browsing the site.
  • I'm a librarian and I need the cultural heritage materials to be separated out from the institutional repository materials so that I can send metadata from only the cultural heritage materials on to the Digital Public Library of America.
  • I'm a repository administrator, and I need to ensure that metadata is not going out to federated searches for metadata only objects, so that I can contribute metadata to a variety of federated searches for open access materials.
  • I'm a faculty member and I want records for my publications to show up in the institutional repository even when those publications are not posted to the repository, so that when I'm not allowed to post a copy of my publication I can still show people that I published it.

Development/Enhancement Requests

Development Priorities

Functional Requirement Requests

Code changes

Oct. 10, 2016:

  • Code changes discussed at the meeting are now on fsu-test, ucf-test, fau-test, ir-test, and fgcu-test .
  • Homework: All libraries should use the instructions at and send questions or feedback to .
  • Note: As of Nov., discoverygarden is done and off the test servers. FLVC is running some performance tests. We aren't scheduling those, but they also aren't very frequent - not like the Oct. work. If you find your test site to be super slow, then try back the next day (test sites are always a little slower than production).

Sept. 6, 2016: Code changes on

  • Code changes that were demoed in the August 30, 2016 ISG meeting are now on the ir-test website.

Instructions on the Sept. 6, 2016 changes:

Note: Please see the Homework assignments under each enumerated code change.

  • Reminders
    • Here's the login url:
    • The namespace on the ir-test site is "ir". So, all your Collection PIDs should start with "ir:". If you click "Ingest" to make a Collection, and don't see a collection, try again with the "ir:" namespace PID.
    • The following people have accounts on the ir-test site: Parker Fruehan, Devin Soper, Roxann Mouratidis, Jane Strudwick, Melissa VandeBurgt, Joanne Parandjuk, Lee Dotson, Bryan Brown, Favenzio Calvo, Chealsye Bowley. If anyone else needs a login, all of you are site admins, so you can make them a login. Feel free to add anyone else who needs an account.
  • (1) Departments: The profile page for a department is styled now
    • Islandora Entities default display for Organization Entities was very plain. Now, that's customized.
    • The display for each Organization Entity has been prettied up. To see this, click to , and then click into any departments. Next step here is that the FLIIRT group can suggest tweaks to this look and feel for a department.
    • Homework: Think about how the departments look. What do you like about how they look, and what do you think could be different?
  • (2) Departments: Now they can be nested (ie. one department can be in another department)
  • (3) Department browse page
    • Now there's a department browse page
    • Click to . (The "Repository" tab along the top of the screen takes you here.) The links at the top for "View All Departments", "View All Scholars", "View All Publications (search)", and "View All Scholars (search)" go to some different views. These are based on the UPEI department browse that people like.
    • Homework: Give feedback on how these department browse views look.
  • (4) Person Entities have only the "Scholar MADS Form" enabled
    • When you go to create a Person - out of the box Islandora Entities will give you the option to use a "Person EAC-CPF form" or a "Scholar MADS form". FLVC couldn't find a way to use the EAC-CPF form to do linking to publications, etc. So, that's disabled. But, it exists. Now, you know.
  • (5) Entities linking to content objects is more configurable
    • Now, there's an admin setting where FLVC can pick which MODS field links the content object to the Person Entity. Here's a screenshot. Any metadata field in MODS could be used. (Because of the need to put out a single set of instructions and to provide meaningful tech support, it needs to be the same MODS field for all sites.) Right now, it's set to link on MODS <name><nameIdentifier>.
  • (6) Person Entities can link to any kind of content objects at all; no longer limited to Citation and Thesis
    • Today: MADS <identifier> links to MODS <name><nameIdentifier>
      • To edit the Person Entity's MADS <identifier> field: Click to the Person, then click to edit MADS, then edit the "Identifier" in the form.
      • To edit any content object's MODS <name><nameIdentifier> field: Click to edit MODS, use the "Full MODS Form with ORCID", and under the "Names" area of that form look for "ORCID" and "Local NameIdentifier".
        • You would use the ORCID (MODS <name><nameIdentifier type="ORCID">), if you deployed ORCID on your campus.
        • You would use some other scheme (MODS <name><nameIdentifier type="local">), for example official campus email address, if you have not deployed ORCID on your campus.
        • (You can switch from "local" to "ORCID" easily one profile at a time. To do so, you would add the ORCID into the MODS for each publication, then after the metadata was all prepped, you would edit the Person Entity with the Scholar MADS Form and change the Identifier from your local one to an ORCID.)
    • Here's an example of a Person Entity linked to a Binary Object (a .docx paper): Click to Amanda Yesilbas' profile here . Now look for the link to "Creating a Licensing Database Using Drupal 7 - NASIG 2012." This links out to a Binary Object.
    • Now, Person Entities can link to any kind of content model at all.
    • Look at the "Full MODS Form with ORCID" and see how it has two extra fields that the "Full MODS Form" does not. Deploying institutional repository functionality in Islandora sites will probably require an update to the Full MODS Form and maybe to the MODS Simple Entry form.
    • Homework Make some Person Entities and fill in the "Identifier" field with a unique identifier. Make some content objects. Edit the MODS with the "Full MODS Form with ORCID", and use the ORCID or Local NameIdentifier blanks in the author information section to link these content objects to the Person Entity. (Use up-to-date instructions at .)
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